18th Century mahogany longcase clock by John Wood of Grantham


18th Century mahogany longcase clock by John Wood of Grantham (known to be working from 1753-1797) An imposing mahogany clock with moon phase, quarter chiming and day / date functions. The brass dial has hours, minutes and subsidiary second hands and displays for moonphase (in the break arch), day (bottom right) and date (bottom left), and the control functions for chime and strike. The day and date functions are 7 and 31 tooth star wheels actuated by 24-hour wheels in the motion work. Rack striking is to a single bell, the rack being released by the chiming train at the hour. The quarter chimes are to a carillon of eight bells by eight hammers actuated by a pin barrel. The strike and chimes functions are several, the top right subsidiary allows full striking and chiming of hours and quarters, or for these functions to be arrested, the top left subsidiary allows the quarters to be chimed or silenced by shifting the pin barrel across such that the hammers and not actuated. The moonphase is knocked on twice daily by a pin mounted to the snail on the hour wheel. Only one other piece is known by this maker, a verge watch recorded by G.H. Baillie. Circa 1770.


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